Sunset Arts Gallery
A cooperative venture featuring the work of local artists - located in Grand Bend's Marina District






Catherine Weber MAPC

Inspired by French Impressionists Catherine finds portraiture and figure drawing the most fascinated subjects.
She works in different mediums, but favors pastel.
Exhibiting since 1995 Catherine is a frequent award winner, and has shown her work in over 50 invitational and juried shows.
Catherine is the founder of Sunset Arts.





Mary Lynn Smith

Mary Lynn is a retired nurse and enjoys "plein" air painting. Landscape and floral paintings are her passion with plenty of vivid colour. Trees, rocks and skies of the Canadian landscapes particularly inspire her.





David Hudgel

David Hudgel is a semi-retired physician, having begun wood turning several years ago.  The first time he put a piece of wood on the lathe, he felt artistic energy.  Since then Dave has perfected his technical skills and creativity to produce turnings/carvings that amplify the wood’s natural beauty.  On the lathe the wood presents grain and color patterns that are blended with curves and angles to finalize an art form.  Elements such as bark inclusions and cracks are left as components of the design, highlighting Nature’s beauty. Productions range from bowl sets to asymmetrical figures. 









Janette Baillie


Janette Baillie is a Grand Bend based photographer who draws her inspiration from her natural surroundings. Her portfolio reflects her interest in light, colour, texture and form.

Janette takes a painterly approach to photography, resulting in lens based art that often depicts a certain mood or emotion. A qualified teacher, Janette teaches workshops and photography classes. She is a member of the Port Franks Camera Club and the Photography Club of Bayfield.






R. Jean Taylor

Born in Summerside, P.E.I. Jean spent most of her youth in London, ON. taking art courses at HB Beal and U.W.O. Sculpture, drawing and print making were her main interests. Later on she took up painting in oil and acrylic mediums. She is inspired by the works of Van Gogh, Chagal and Tom Thompson.

North Vancouver, B.C. was home from 1993 to 2015. Living in B.C., she emerced herself in art and theatre.

Jean was a member of the North Shore Artists Guild where she exhibited most of her work. She was accepted into many juried shows at the Ferry Building in West Vancouver and the Seymour Art Gallery in North Vancouver. She won Jury Choice award in 2014 at the Ferry Blvd Gallery and another at Seymour Art Gallery.

Her latest painting style using a palette knife was inspired by the Ausable River at Grand Bend. "I love the textures of the river banks and forest areas".

Jean won Grand Prize at Paint Ontario 2018.











Ann Fullerton

"Cottage pathways, antique vases filled with fresh flowers, moody landscapes, Canadian Artist Ann Fullerton's passion for colour, eye for detail and affection for her subject matter have captivated viewers from across the country."

This award winning artist has a background as an art director and designer.  Ann works primarily in watercolour but also in acrylics, oil and pen and ink.  She thoroughly enjoys sharing her love of art and has taught at Sheridan College, Visual Arts Mississauga, and for various art groups throughout the GTA and Ontario for the past 20 years.



Vicki Miles

Vicki Miles was born in Stratford, Ontario, and later moved to London. She received her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto, as well as a Fine Art Diploma from Sheridan College in Oakville. She began her career with three years of teaching in Alberta, and subsequently enjoyed thirty years of teaching Visual Arts at the secondary school level within the Thames Valley District School Board.

Vicki is comfortable with a variety of different media, and paints with acrylics, oil, and watercolour. Subject matter begins with a photo exploration, usually of local places, spaces, and ‘creatures’. Suitable subjects, once framed within the camera viewfinder, are printed and transferred to the selected paint medium. 

Sanctity of home, of those locations and landmarks that are close to us, that define us, and are an indelible part of our own histories, are subjects that most often call (demand) to be painted. The camera and the brush lead the artist, often in an unforeseen direction, to an inevitable conclusion. Whether experiencing the creative venture with her students, or, more solitarily, within the quietness of her own studio workroom, the lure and compelling nature of painting never seems to waver.

Less enamored of the creative process are Dakota, the loveable dog, and Ruby, the irascible bird, who allow Vicki to live with them in Port Franks, Ontario. 







Ginger and Bill Weber

There is a philosophy of pottery making, you never know what the clay will become until it shows itself to you. You can't force the lump into your vision, only through spinning and forming will you realize what the clay was supposed to be. Ginger has always liked creating things, for years she crafted folk art on their farm, she took classes and made ceramics in her free time, until spring of 2017 she found she needed her own wheel and kiln. Soon after,  Bill joined Ginger in her potty shed. What he found was a way to relieve the stress of being Mayor in a productive, relaxing way. Sometimes you don't know what your hobby will become until it shows itself to you. Sometimes only through spinning and forming do you realize you’ve molded: RiverView Pottery. 










George and Brenda Couckuyt

I have always enjoyed creating. My hobbies over the years have included photography, woodworking, and stained glass art. I became interested in upcycling silverware and making it into jewelry a couple of years ago and started making more than even my wife could wear. With the encouragement of our friends and family we began our new venture called "Style'n Silver." Brenda discovered that there were endless patterns and intricate designs in old silverware and she began tracking down suitable pieces for me to create rings pendants, ear rings and bracelets. This was giving life to something that in many cases had been packed away and forgotten for years in silverware chests, hidden in closets, attics and basements. The Family silver has a new purpose and can be admired and treasured for generations to come.

We have also started making coin rings. Silver coins from around the world are used to make rings for men and women. Anniversary sets and birth year rings are very popular.








Laura Wright

Laura, who works under the name of L.L. Jones Wright, was born and raised in Southwestern Ontario in the Ingersoll area. Her formal art education has included studies at H.B. Beal Secondary School, London, under Herb Ariss; York University, Toronto; and Lambton College, Sarnia.

Laura has worked in a variety of media including pottery and soapstone, but concentrates at present on two-dimensional works in collage, coloured pencil, pastel and acrylic. Recent works include explorations into the effects achieved by mixing and layering different materials and media.