Sunset Arts Gallery
A cooperative venture featuring the work of local artists - located in Grand Bend's Marina District






Catherine Weber MAPC

Inspired by French Impressionists Catherine finds portraiture and figure drawing the most fascinated subjects.
She works in different mediums, but favors pastel.
Exhibiting since 1995 Catherine is a frequent award winner, and has shown her work in over 50 invitational and juried shows.
Catherine is the founder of Sunset Arts.





Mary Lynn Smith

Mary Lynn is a retired nurse and enjoys "plein" air painting. Landscape and floral paintings are her passion with plenty of vivid colour. Trees, rocks and skies of the Canadian landscapes particularly inspire her.





David Hudgel

David Hudgel is a semi-retired physician, having begun wood turning several years ago.  The first time he put a piece of wood on the lathe, he felt artistic energy.  Since then Dave has perfected his technical skills and creativity to produce turnings/carvings that amplify the wood’s natural beauty.  On the lathe the wood presents grain and color patterns that are blended with curves and angles to finalize an art form.  Elements such as bark inclusions and cracks are left as components of the design, highlighting Nature’s beauty. Productions range from bowl sets to asymmetrical figures. 


Originally from south-western Ontario, Anne returned to the area in 2005,
after having lived abroad for many years - in France, Japan, Taiwan and the
UK. Her glass art journey began with stained glass in 2003. Her love of
experimenting lead her to fused glass, pâte-de-verre, kiln carving, and
multimedia work.

Currently, she is enjoying the interaction of intention and accident in her
glass designs. After she creates a pattern and chooses the glass for a
piece, she applies patina to the metal or wood background. The resulting
organic texture feels random, with a sense of age and its own story. The
glass components placed on top of the background are chosen for the
characteristics that result from the controlled haphazardness inherent to
the glass production process. Nature, palette and texture heavily influence
her subject matter, materials, and techniques. The colours may be earthy or
bright, but are reminiscent of a post-war palette. Landscapes and nature
ignite Anne's imagination and in turn, become part of her work.



Ginger and Bill Weber

Riverview Pottery was born in 2017.  Ginger was taking classes at Lambton College and told Bill she would like to buy a kiln and a wheel.

After purchasing both pieces, the grandchildren came and love doing pottery.  Bill said, show me how….and she did.

Now they both love to create in the pottery shed.  It is a very good way to unwind from his job of being Mayor of Lambton Shores. 

Through spinning, forming, firing, glazing, and firing again you get a beautiful and functional piece of pottery. Your piece is fired to 2200 degrees and is safe for normal use in the oven, microwave and  dishwasher.



Janette Baillie


Janette Baillie is a Grand Bend based photographer who draws her inspiration from her natural surroundings. Her portfolio reflects her interest in light, colour, texture and form.

Janette takes a painterly approach to photography, resulting in lens based art that often depicts a certain mood or emotion. A qualified teacher, Janette teaches workshops and photography classes. She is a member of the Port Franks Camera Club and the Photography Club of Bayfield.