Sunset Arts Gallery
A cooperative venture featuring the work of local artists - located in Grand Bend's Marina District



Janette Baillie

Janette Baillie is a Grand Bend based photographer who draws her inspiration from her natural surroundings. Her portfolio reflects her interest in light, colour, texture and form.

Janette takes a painterly approach to photography, resulting in lens based art that often depicts a certain mood or emotion. Lake Huron and environs is her favourite subject.  She specializes in beautiful sunsets and peaceful beach scenes.   

Janette's images can be custom printed in various sizes, on fine photography paper or canvas.  Framing available.  See more on Janette's work on her website, Facebook and Instagram pages.



Natalie Core

A resident of Port Franks, Natalie Core uses oil to create landscapes depicting scenes of the Lake Huron region and northern Ontario.  Natalie's paintings are inspired by local landscapes, and her mediums are oil and acrylic. Natalie is moved by colours in natural surroundings, and moods created specifically by trees, sky and water.  Natalie also creates digital graphic art, and has worked in the advertising and marketing industry for the past 30 years. 

For information contact: web:


instagram: @natcore

text: (226) 239-8203




George and Brenda Couckuyt

I have always enjoyed creating. My hobbies over the years have included photography, woodworking, and stained glass art. I became interested in upcycling silverware and making it into jewelry a couple of years ago and started making more than even my wife could wear. With the encouragement of our friends and family we began our new venture called "Style'n Silver." Brenda discovered that there were endless patterns and intricate designs in old silverware and she began tracking down suitable pieces for me to create rings pendants, ear rings and bracelets. This was giving life to something that in many cases had been packed away and forgotten for years in silverware chests, hidden in closets, attics and basements. The Family silver has a new purpose and can be admired and treasured for generations to come.

We have also started making coin rings. Silver coins from around the world are used to make rings for men and women. Anniversary sets and birth year rings are very popular.





Ann Fullerton

This award winning artist paints the natural world including landscapes filled with atmospheric light, figures walking along a beach, to the soulful eyes of a beloved pet.  From her home studio in Pinery Bluffs, next The Pinery, Ann finds inspiration and relaxation from her walks along the beach and the woodland trails.

Ann was born in Brampton,  moved to Perth when she was 10.  The rural landscapes with old stone farmhouses and split rail fences inspired many of her early drawings.  Ann was an honour student at St. Lawrence College where she studied Fine Art and Graphic Design.  In Toronto she began her career as a designer and art director in the advertising industry.  Some of her illustrative work has appeared in various publications such as The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, Canadian Gardening and Homemakers Magazines.  Ann has taught watercolour at Sheridan College (Oakville), Visual Arts Mississauga and for various art groups in The GTA, and Southwestern Ontario.





Red George

My name is Jeffrey (Red) George (Ma-Mi-No-ga-boo) and I am an Ojibway artist.  I was born in the year of 1980 and come from an artistic family. My mother, grandmother, uncle, brother and sister, and cousins are all artists (painters, sculptors, crafters, beaders, and musicians).

I had a difficult time in my early years, growing up on the lands of the First Nation of Kettle and Stoney Point, situated along the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada.  However, over the years, I have overcome a variety of challenges that have impacted me. 




Judy Gerber

My love of pottery began 25 years ago at Baden Creek Pottery. Making, creating and immersing myself in all things clay became a sense of meditation and pause from the busy demands of life. I enjoy creating functional wares which weave their way throughout my daily life connecting and grounding me, whether it be a favourite mug to start the day, a vase filled with flowers adorning my table or serving bowls to share a meal with family and friends.

Sunnyridge Studio was born upon our arrival at our new home along the shores of Lake Huron. It provides the perfect backdrop and inspiration for creating and exploring with clay. My learning continues as I have recently developed my own glazes and currently gas fire much of my work. I am honoured to share my love of mud in my studio with students, family and friends, as well as, teaching pottery classes at Grand Bend Art Centre and SHAC in Exeter.

I am most proud of developing a pottery program with the Grand Bend Art Centre and creating, developing and watching our Spring Tulip project bloom in 2021. The Spring Tulip project connected our community through the challenging times of Covid as community volunteers and residents, both young and old, participated in hand building and painting 1500 tulips in celebration of Paint Ontario’s 25th Anniversary.

Please feel free to try on a mug or pet a bowl and fall in love with clay as I did.








Janice Gillis

All the jewelry in this display was handcrafted by Janice Gillis. Janice was raised in Sarnia and now resides in. Port Franks, Ontario.  Janice has always been skilled in creating beautiful things, whether it was during her professional landscape design years or bead-work and card making her eye for design has melded with her silversmith skills to create what you see today. The journey to beachglass jewelry started while vacationing on the shores of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia where she purchased a handmade anklet made with local beachglass and silver. From then on, she was hooked and determined to create her own unique pieces. Years of classes working with the torch, hammer and saw along with practice have brought her to where she is today in her silver smithing journey.  All pieces are made with sterling silver, many incorporate beachglass from Lake Huron shores as well as beachglass and gemstones collected from around the world.  







 Alan Gillis

All the wood turnings you see in this display were hand made by Alan Gillis. Alan was raised in Sarnia and now resides in. Port Franks, Ontario. A Naturalist at heart, Al’s love of the mighty hardwood trees is evident in how he pulls the natural beauty out of each log. As a retired electrician, working with tools and machinery was not a stretch for Al,but creating beautiful pieces rather then functionalcame by accident to him. While experimenting with a piece of firewood on a very old wood lathe that was collecting dust in the corner of his shop, he was amazed at the way the wood directed him in form and style and was hooked on turning wood! Now several new lathes later and years of practice, he continues his journey of discovering wood’s natural form and beauty.





Jean Grady

Jean Grady is a London based artist who captures the rugged allure of the big open skies, lakes, and trees of the Ontario landscape with a distinctive impressionistic style.  She is mesmerized by the intricate patterns of light and shadow in the woods and the sky’s reflections on the surface of the water.  Jean paints from personal connections and experiences, often framing her paintings from her perspective in a kayak, giving the viewer a chance to feel like they, too, are on the water.  She prefers acrylics for the freedom to maintain a fresh style with vivid colours and a broad value range, enabling her to create art that is joyful, full of bold harmonies and detailed with a whimsical touch of magic.  Her goal is to touch on subjects and experiences that bring forth a memory or a feeling, connecting the viewer with the image.  Jean’s work is held in private collections across North America.  She hopes her paintings give people a feeling of joy and peace.

See more of Jean’s work on her Website, Instagram and Facebook pages.




David Hudgel

The first time David Hudgel put a piece of wood on the lathe, he felt artistic energy.  David is a retired physician, now able to spend much more time at his creative passion. On the lathe the wood presents grain and color patterns that are blended with curves and angles to finalize an art form.  Elements such as bark inclusions and cracks are left as components of the design, highlighting Nature’s beauty. Productions range from bowl sets to asymmetrical artistic figures.






Mark McLean

Mark was born in Simcoe Ontario and was raised in Sarnia Ontario.

Mark and his wife Norma enjoy travelling and consequently his watercolours often evoke scenes near and far from the local area. The medium of Watercolour enables Mark to capture the softness in the shadows of a fresh snowfall or the vibrant colours of spring flowers.  Rural landscapes of Southern Ontario or the rugged contrasts of the Canadian Shield are often used as subject matters.

Mark paints his images in a style he calls photo representation. He uses his own photos as reference for his compositions and hopes that his images are easily recognizable but uses the vibrancy of watercolour to enhance the visual impact.

Mark also enjoys the medium of Pen and Ink as well as Graphite Pencil to capture the essence or mood of a subject.  Mark has taken watercolour classes from Jane Gardner and Maria Berry in Florida, and Peg Kivi in Sarnia.

His work has been exhibited in juried shows at Victoria Playhouse, Petrolia and Paint Ontario at the Lambton Heritage Museum, and in Sarnia at The Lawrence House.

Email:        Cell: 519-383-4349






Vicki Miles

Vicki Miles was born in Stratford, Ontario, and later moved to London. She received her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto, as well as a Fine Art Diploma from Sheridan College in Oakville. She began her career with three years of teaching in Alberta, and subsequently enjoyed thirty years of teaching Visual Arts at the secondary school level within the Thames Valley District School Board.

Vicki is comfortable with a variety of different media, and paints with acrylics, oil, and watercolour. Subject matter begins with a photo exploration, usually of local places, spaces, and ‘creatures’. Suitable subjects, once framed within the camera viewfinder, are printed and transferred to the selected paint medium. 

Sanctity of home, of those locations and landmarks that are close to us, that define us, and are an indelible part of our own histories, are subjects that most often call (demand) to be painted. The camera and the brush lead the artist, often in an unforeseen direction, to an inevitable conclusion. Whether experiencing the creative venture with her students, or, more solitarily, within the quietness of her own studio workroom, the lure and compelling nature of painting never seems to waver.

Less enamored of the creative process are Dakota, the loveable dog, and Ruby, the irascible bird, who allow Vicki to live with them in Port Franks, Ontario. 




Willem (Bill) Nieuwland

Born in 1944 in a small rural town on a Dutch island, Bill remembers drawing clouds reflected in shimmering waters as early as age seven.   A self taught painter from and artistic family, Bill experimented in oils, capturing the images of his youth, windmills, churches, historic houses, and tree-lined dykes beneath scudding clouds.

Bill immigrated to Canada in 1959, settled in St. Thomas, and soon became fascinated by the wilder and relatively uncultivated Great Lakes shorelines and north Ontario's wilderness.  With the photographer's eye for realism, Bill excels in depicting unexpected detail in his painting, from the rose and orange of sunset clouds reflected in water to local wildlife in its natural habitat.

From his studio in Huron Woods overlooking the Old Ausable River, Bill finds both relaxation and inspiration, recreating various local scenes on canvas as well as from his travels across North America.




Jen Noakes 

Jen Noakes, who works under the name Jen V Glass Design, is a maker working in flame-worked and kiln-fired glass, hailing from Southern Huron County, nearby to the shores of Lake Huron. Her latest work can be described as cheerful, fun and whimsical, as she re-imagines in melted glass the quirky critters she encounters daily.
Jen has a life-long love of creating and craft, beginning early with textile arts, creative writing and photography, then pottery, stained glass and jewellery design. During extended travels in New Hampshire, she was introduced to flame-working and glass blowing, and ultimately it was this immediate and all-encompassing passion for glass which led her to return to Ontario and graduate with honours from Sheridan’s Craft and Design – Glass program. Since then, she has learned from various local and internationally renown glass and ceramic artists.
Jen is passionately enthusiastic about bringing the community together through the arts. She has been involved with the Glass Art Association of Canada, Fusion: the Ontario Clay and Glass association, the London Stained Glass Guild, and more locally, the South Huron Arts Centre, as well as Art aRound Town in South Huron, where she is a current board member.
Currently, Jen’s favourite thing to do is to spend long hours at her torch, making glass critters that make her giggle as she coaxes their individual personalities to come through. She hopes her work makes you smile, too.

Visit her website at





Barbara Helen Pickett

A watercolour artist, originally from Atikokan, Ontario, now is happily residing here in beautiful Grand Bend.  She has taken instruction at the Newmarket School of Fine Art, Visual Arts Mississauga, and the McMichael Art Gallery.  She enjoys painting the beautiful landscapes of Ontario, from Thunder Bay, to Muskoka, and the shores of Lake Huron.  Add to that her love of beautiful architecture, some travels globally, and the result is a unique portfolio inspired by Mother Nature, and talented architects!

Along with traditional watercolour pieces she has created a number of "wearable art" pieces and home decor as well.

"i am excited to join the Sunset Art Gallery Cooperative... Come on in to find a piece that makes you smile!"


Instagram: @wowbybarbara










Katherine Rawlings

Katherine Rawlings is an abstract artist living and working with her husband in the Lambton Shores area of Southern Ontario. She is constantly inspired by the natural beauty of this region and the colors, textures, and movement found in the landscapes and seascapes of the blue coast. Rawlings is self-taught and has developed her artistic style through a combination of trial and error, experimentation, and a deep connection to the natural world. Her hope is that her artwork will evoke emotion and allow the viewer to find familiarity within the abstract forms and colors. She believes that art has the power to connect people to the world around them in a deep and meaningful way, and she hopes that her work can bring peace, contemplation, and inspiration to those who view it.

Instagram: @krawlingsart



Barry Richman

Canadian representational artist Barry Richman received his early art training from his gifted mother and more formally from the Special Arts program at London’s H.B.Beal School.  This training was further supplemented by scholarships.  He attended Doon School of Fine Arts and was also the recipient of the Latham Foundation Scholarship to the University of Fine Arts in Mexico City.  

Barry has received the highest honour awarded by his peers: the title of Master Pastellist and the privilege of signing MPAC after his name.  

Barry’s art has gained him recognition and acceptance into many corporate and private collections.  He has been published in both International Artist and Pastel Artist International magazines.

“First impressions in nature are everything.  Capturing that moment of first experience, that some of us try to relive through photographs, is what the artist’s perception and knowledge of colour and light can recall so vividly.  I always strive to give the viewer a complete sensory experience of place, season, time of day, temperature and mood.  Most often, my representations of those experiences are simply my way of saying, “you should have seen what I saw!”
Barry Richman  PAC,MPAC




Mary Lynn Smith

Mary Lynn is a retired nurse and enjoys "plein" air painting. Landscape and floral paintings are her passion with plenty of vivid colour. Trees, rocks and skies of the Canadian landscapes particularly inspire her.





R. Jean Taylor , Grand Bend

Born in Prince Edward Island Jean developed a desire to draw at an early age. Moving to London,Ontario she attended art classes at Beal and U.W.O . Printmaking and sculpture were her main interests. 

North Vancouver, B.C. was home from 1993 to 2015. Living in B.C., she emerced herself in art and theatre.

Jean was a member of the North Shore Artists Guild . She was accepted into  juried shows at the Ferry Building in West Vancouver and the Seymour Art Gallery in North Vancouver. She was chosen for Jury Choice award in 2014 at the Ferry Blvd Gallery and at the Seymour Art Gallery.

Jean moved to Grand Bend Ontario in 2015. She was awarded Grand Prize at Paint Ontario 2018 and Sponsor Choice awards in 2020 ,2021 and Mayors Choice in 2022.

" I would say I'm self taught as a painter. Learning the principles of design and going from there to develop a more intuitive and impressionistic style of painting. I believe my art needs to go farther than trying to produce a likeness of the subject. I try to capture the essence instead of a photo likeness. This involves experimenting, taking risks, ever changing and evolving and finding my own way to express and challenge myself."




Anne Thornton

Anne Thornton has studied and created in many media, though her focus is on kiln-formed and stained glass.

She began studying the craft in England in 2003, and set up her studio in Grand Bend in 2005.

She creates wall and window art, glass vessels, jewellery and 3D pieces. Cohesion of line, space and colour is the objective when Anne is constructing a work of glass, and her style leans towards the simple and contemporary. She enjoys experimenting with the constraints of the medium’s material qualities, techniques and stylistic conventions to arrive at a unique interpretation of the dynamics of light and colour in her glass art.





Ginger and Bill Weber

Riverview Pottery was born in 2017.  Ginger was taking classes at Lambton College and told Bill she would like to buy a kiln and a wheel.

After purchasing both pieces, the grandchildren came and love doing pottery.  Bill said, show me how….and she did.

Now they both love to create in the pottery shed.  It is a very good way to unwind from his job of being Mayor of Lambton Shores. 

Through spinning, forming, firing, glazing, and firing again you get a beautiful and functional piece of pottery. Your piece is fired to 2200 degrees and is safe for normal use in the oven, microwave and  dishwasher.




Laura Wright

Laura, who works under the name of L.L. Jones Wright, was born and raised in Southwestern Ontario in the Ingersoll area. Her formal art education has included studies at H.B. Beal Secondary School, London, under Herb Ariss; York University, Toronto; and Lambton College, Sarnia.

Laura has worked in a variety of media including pottery and soapstone, but concentrates at present on two-dimensional works in collage, coloured pencil, pastel and acrylic. Recent works include explorations into the effects achieved by mixing and layering different materials and media.